How`s your kids batting average? If it`s consistently below .300, you might want to take a look at Bobby Woods` new instructional hitting video, Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? (Bobby Woods Productions,, just $19.95 plus S&H.

Woods, a former Chicago Cubs Player, provides 75 minutes of head-to-toe instruction for hitters of all ages in this release, produced on location at Central Park in New York City.

An earnest and articulate speaker, Woods appears, with almost heavenly
timing,to offer assistance to a single mom as she pitches to her struggling
12- year-old ball-playing son on one of the city`s dusty diamonds.

Woods` instruction is peppered with phrases like"muscle memory," "weight transference," and "stimulus response," but the video is so carefully organized by segment, and the terms so clearly defined verbally and visually, that any feelings of intimidation felt by non-athletic parents - of either sex - will be successfully relieved.

Woods emphasizes relaxation and "top hand release" - a technique used by major leaguers the likes of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa - to illustrate the idea that" the most dangerous hitter is a relaxed hitter." And "dangerous" is a word that hitters of all ages want to hear in connection with their name.

Joe Lugara,
Big Apple Parent Magazine

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